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Wellness In A Bottle

In addition to my journey to becoming minimalist which is still ongoing, I've been dabbling in  plant therapy which is essential oils. They have now become my remedy for everything from laundry to baby ear infections. So, how did this obsession come about? Well, I've always known about essential oils and their healing properties but never resorted to them for personal use until last year when I really needed to, which was when I was in my first 3 months of pregnancy and couldn't bare the smell of anything except for Sandalwood in the form of an essential oil. Since then, I have been using them for my dish washing soap, laundry detergent (I use soap berries which are Eco friendly & biodegradable, you can add any EO to them and I get up to 5-10 washes out of them!), in a diffuser at Kinetix and at home, yoga mat spray, keeping the ants away mold & mildew prevention, baby blends for Asaar and my most recent night time face cream! I just can't stop making stuff in an effort to create a non toxic body/household & be more environmentally friendly. 

ps. I haven't purchased laundry detergent or cleaning spray in 6 months. My clothes are clean & my bathroom is spotless! :) 

Here are a few of my at home recipes! Enjoy! 

All Purpose Cleaner 

16oz H20 + 16 oz ACV + 30 Drops Orange EO 

Baby Wipes 

2 cups water + 2tbsp +Coconut Oil +5 Drops Lavender EO + 2 tbsp unscented castile soap(optional) 

Natural Bleach Alternative 

12 cups H20 + 1/4 cups lemon juice + 1 cup hydrogen peroxide 

I hope this is a little inspiration to ditch the toxic stuff & to create your own. Your body & pocket will thank you! 

Look out for my blended collection for baby, kids, teens & adult at the studio in May. I'm super excited to share my medicine cabinet with you! :)


April 23rd - June 11th

$10 per class for 8 weeks

Another opportunity to get into your favorite classes for a discounted rate. To take advantage of this 8 week series please email us ASAP to reserve your spot!


Classes Offered:

Aerial Yoga - Mon,Tues,Thurs & Sat. 

Parent & Child Yoga - Sat.

Kids Yoga & Aerial Dance - Mon, Tues & Wed

Ma & Baby Yoga - Mon.& Thurs 

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 Spring Term Dates: April 16th - June 28th

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Upcoming Events 

 AG Show 

On Saturday, April 21st Kinetix Aerial Team will be performing at 11:30am & 2:30pm at the lower ring/big tent. We will also be on site giving demonstrations and mini lessons to those interested on Thursday & Friday

For more information: 

Earth Hour 

Kinetix Aerial Team will be performing & giving mini demonstrations

For more 

Camps & Workshops

All Things Aerial - Aerial 2nd - 6th & 9th-13th 

Inversions & Cartwheels Kids Workshop- April 18th

Yoga & Myofascia - Information Session & Hands On - May 5th

Mothers Day Yoga - Partner Classes - May 13th

Stay Tuned For These Dates.. 

Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Another One Coming Up In JULY!

Summer Aerial Arts Intensive with Montana Debor (KIDS/TEEN/ADULT)



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Member Of The Month

Meet Ayesha

Becoming a 100's  member at Kinetix has really helped me to commit to classes, which in turn willl help me to achieve my goals. I started to feel stronger and more flexible just after 2 weeks and thats because I was consistent with my aerial practice. Going forward I plan to obtain the monthly membership so that I can have access to more classes so that I can achieve my goals a lot quicker and stay within my budget. 

We are really impresses with Ayeshas progress and commitment to her aerial practice but most of her to herself!

To learn more about the monthly 100's & monthly membership email us! :)