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Our talented aerialists perform a choreographed routine to specific music, rendering your guests speechless. With an average length of four minutes, an act can be performed at any time during the event to liven things up, get the crowd’s attention, or reinforce the event theme! Acts can be performed from a rigging point or on our elegant and unobtrusive portable aerial rig.


A spectacular circus art where an aerialist climbs two specialised pieces of fabric and uses them to execute acrobatic tricks, spectacular drops, and flexible poses.

The lyra is a metal hoop hung vertically, upon while an aerialist executes stunning spins and does breath taking poses.

The sling, also known as the aerial hammock, is a loop of specialized fabric an aerialist manipulates to engage in amazing flips and maneuvers.

Let the Kinetix Aerial Team put on a production to enthral your guests! Our shows combine a mix of aerial and ground performances to provide a full show guaranteed to thrill! Shows can be modified to fill your exact time slot, from fifteen minutes to an hour, with the standard length being thirty minutes. Our current shows are listed below. If you’re looking for an Aerial Events show specially designed for you, please contact us!


What’s The Booking Process?

1.Complete Our Contact Form
Our short Questionnaire is designed to easily obtain the basic information we need from you. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we verify we’re available on the date requested and are able to provide all of the services requested.

2.Let’s Chat
With your questionnaire in hand, we give you a call so we can chat! We love to get a feel for you and your event so we can make sure we’re giving you exactly what you need. We’ll also make recommendations for other services we provide that would be a good fit for your party, and use this time to answer any questions or specific requests you may have. There are no dumb questions – we know aerial is an unusual form of entertainment and we don’t expect you to be experts on what we need or are able to do. Ask away!

3.Get Your Quote
After our chat, we put together an easy-to-read estimate to let you know what our services will cost for what you’ve requested, plus any recommended add-on options that will help give your event that extra something spectacular. We’ll supply all of the required rigging and performance equipment necessary, and are happy to use our free-standing aerial rig where venue rigging is not available.

If your venue has concerns or restrictions, we’ll liaise with them to share our technical requirements and provide them with our certificate of insurance.  We do our best to work within the venue’s constraints to give you the performance you’re envisioning! If your venue will be charging additional fees or requiring extra services, we’ll let you know.

4.Book Us!
Once you’re ready to put a ring on it, pay our event deposit to reserve our services for your event date. Just let us know which of the options you’d like to move forward with so we can start planning and rehearsals. We’ll send you an Engagement Agreement detailing our exact requirements for agreed-upon services, and add your event to our performance calendar to ensure no one else books us when you need us!

5.Last Minute Liaise
Two weeks prior to your event, your Performance Liaison will reach out to you to get final details (like the timeline/schedule, stage layout, and where the green room will be located) and to make sure no other information has changed. This helps everything run smoothly and efficiently on the day of the event.

6.Make It To Event Day!
Booking Form & Information
We’ll arrive on site at our scheduled set up time and have our rig set up well in advance of guests’ arrival. Once our rigging and inspections have been completed, we’ll have a quick technical rehearsal in the event space to work out any final tweaks. Then we vanish into our green room to stay out of the way and get our sequins and false lashes on! Our performers will be fully prepared and in costume one hour prior to the scheduled performance start time, ready to jump in if you need any last-minute entertainment in place to welcome everyone to the best party they’ve ever attended! As the schedule moves forward, we dazzle and awe you and your guests with our aerial and ground performances and remain flexible for any scheduling emergencies that may arise. After we’ve dipped low into our final bows, we begin the process of packing up our green room and loading up our plethora of costumes and makeup, leaving behind no trace of our presence. At the agreed-upon time, we discretely break down the rig or remove our rigging and leave you and your guests with the memory of a truly one-of-a-kind event and some beautiful photos to share with friends.