Founded on a pure passion for the yoga, nature & the sport of paddling, Kinetix encourages you to be YOU – young or old, in shape or not, we will meet you at your level so that you can find your true bliss.

We want to share with you the serenity that comes from gliding through Bermuda blue ocean, passing through sea turtles and parrot fish or and inhaling deeply the scent of salt air; the feeling of sun on your skin, and a breeze on your cheeks as you explore the natural environment and the boundaries of your own comfort zone. Out there, the moment comes when awareness of the beauty around you blossoms, a smile spreads across your face, and the bliss sets in.

Come paddle, play & do yoga with us. Let yourself surrender to the joy of being outdoors, on the ocean, engaging your balance and breath.

Bermuda ocean is calling you, lets paddle out!0BD88D56-E588-4E00-AE14-AB59D2F70E39